What is taxidermy?

From ancient Greek, "taxidermy" translates to "arranging skin" or “moving skin”. In traditional taxidermy, the preserved hide of an animal is mounted on a form so it resembles the animal as it was when it was alive. Aside from the skin or hide, all other parts of the anatomy (such as eyes) are artificial or replicated. Different animals may require specialized procedures (such as the use of artificial heads or feet for certain birds). Fantasy or alternative taxidermy doesn't necessarily seek to represent the animal in its natural form, but chooses to be more interpretive, though many alternative artists use traditional techniques in order to create a high quality work. I think both serve a purpose in sparking curiosity for the natural world.

Freeze drying is not technically taxidermy-it is a dehydration process where perishable material is frozen and the surrounding pressure is reduced to allow the water to sublimate. I do not freeze dry animals unless specifically requested.

divya anantharaman