Where can I learn taxidermy? And where can I find info about your classes?

To take a class with me, please see the the “Workshops & Events” tab of this website. All classes are listed, linked with full descriptions and prices. I am also available for private classes, usually booked 3-6 months in advance. Teaching taxidermy is an age old practice and there are a number of great resources to learn about taxidermy, and I highly recommend joining your state or local taxidermy association, and going to their yearly shows, which include workshops, seminars, and even vendors of tools and supplies. Even if you don't compete, or want to focus on less traditional work, you'll meet experienced taxidermists, see what makes quality work, and get inspired by the techniques in action at the seminars. Taxidermy.net has a number of tutorials on a dizzying array of topics, and a great search function, and Breakthrough Magazine has manuals, archives, and current publications that are extremely helpful. I have also co-authored a book for beginners called “Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy.”

divya anantharaman