Will you preserve my pet?

On a case by case basis, and usually in a traditional or restful pose. The relationship between pet and owner is sacred. Since we have a very specific and incredibly personal attachment to our pets, it is hard to capture a lifetime of personality in a pet without some variance. Where I see anatomy, you see memories. For some, it is difficult to see their pet transformed into what is a still, non moving sculpture, where for others, it truly helps with the grieving process. As a pet owner and as much as I love my cats, birds, and snake, I know that even the best taxidermist in the world can't give me back the years and personal memories of our shared experiences. I will be happy to discuss the specifics of your pet in a free phone consultation. Alternatives to pet taxidermy are skull cleaning and display, memento mori displays or jewelry, aquamation, paw prints and nose impressions. For those looking to freeze dry their pets, I work with a reputable service and can provide specifics based on your requests.

divya anantharaman