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Adirondack Museum Starling Taxidermy Class

In this class, we will learn about the fascinating anatomy of birds and traditional bird taxidermy. European starlings are beautiful birds, but considered invasive due to their destruction of crops and native bird species, and so are one of the few birds that can be legally possessed by individuals in the US.

Each class will teach students everything involved in producing a fully finished mount, including initial preparation, hygiene and sanitary measures, fleshing, tail stripping, and dry preservation. Professionally preserved skins will be mounted on custom-made body forms, posed and outfitted as the student desires. A selection of props and accessories will be provided, though students are also encouraged to bring their own accessories and bases if they desire something specific. All other supplies will be provided for use in class and as always, all specimens are sustainably sourced. Each student will leave class with a fully finished piece, and the knowledge to create their own pieces in the future.

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